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Chasm of Aigo - Sport

The underground adventure in the heart of the Sainte-Baume park



8 h

09h00 - 17h00

The chasm of the Aigo rock is a very beautiful cavity from the mountain of Siou-Blanc. The beauty of its scales accentuates the mysterious and fascinating sides of the underground Provence.

This chasm could be considerated as an initiation's cavity if we explore the first well, with beautiful galeries et technicals crossings. After what it is a big course.

To plan

Warm and light clothes (jogging or sporting tights), a bottle of water, an elastic band if you have the long hair, a tie if your wear glasses, a picnic with backpack

Ref : SPLC002

88€ / Pers

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The water dissolves the limestone and creates underground galleries. A 15 minutes walk will bring you into the heart of the mountain Siou-Blanc. The chasm of the Aigo Rock is a technic cavity wich allows you to discover climbing ropes' methods, and you will also appreciate a calm and quiet atmoshpere...

With a great access in an amazing well of 25 metres deep, you will feel adrenaline for sure with a rappelling into the well. Afterwhile a very beautiful gallery takes place, where the visit goes on.

  • The hugness of this cavity
  • Discover great surprises : the beautiful wells, the big hall...
  • The silent atmosphere
  • The sport level of this excursion

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