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An unforgettable cruise in Argentina and Brazil

Argentina and Brazil are two destinations that make you dream of more than one to spend a dream stay. Discover these places that will be perfect for your cruise.

Argentina is full of seaside resorts that don't leave indifferent holidaymakers. A catamaran cruise allows them to discover these places of relaxation. Backpackers can begin their adventure in the town of Mar del Plata which is located in the province of Buenos Aires. This metropolis with more than 500,000 inhabitants is home to various tourist attractions. There is, for example, the fishing port or the sea lion reserve. Travelers will also be able to do various activities on the beaches of Mar del Plata such as scuba diving, surfing or idleness.

The city of Pinamar, an Argentinean tourist jewel

The adventurers can continue their Argentina travel in the city of Pinamar located in the province of Buenos. This seaside resort offers its visitors various sports such as the seven rugby beach, sand hockey, beach polo, bodyboarding and kitesurfing. Guests can also enjoy sandboarding, jet skiing, fishing, horseback riding or quad biking. In addition, backpackers can participate in a golf tournament.

Cruise and stay in Argentina

Cruise and stay in Brazil

Cruise and stay in Brazil Miramar, an exceptional seaside resort

Just like the beach of Copacabana, a must-see place during your Brazil travel, Miramar is an ideal seaside resort for relaxing moments. It is home to various tourist attractions such as the Miramar golf course, the Punto Hermengo municipal museum, the airfield, the Dunicola Florentino Ameghino nursery and the Roberto hirch autodromo.

Aside from this, visitors are invited to stroll along the Durazno and Brisquitas rivers or enjoy themselves on the sandy stretches of Miramar. They can do various activities such as beach volleyball, lazing around, scuba diving or surfing.

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