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Accueil / General terms and conditions of sales


The present terms and conditions of sales manages relationships between Active Road, commercial name for ALL ROAD (SARL), and its clients, customers of services, (reservation of stay and services of leisure activities and sports). The confirmation of a reservation implies the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sales such as expressed below.


The price rates of services offered by Active Road are applicable to all.
The reservation of a service implies the acceptance of the present general conditions that are communicated at last with the agreement of reservation. Booking will be effective at the reception of the deposit (Art.3).
A service is considered as definitively confirmed at the payment of the deposit and at the reception of the proposal of reservation signed and carrying the mention «well for agreement».
The participants and groups declare themselves informed about the rights and duties of every part.

Article 2 - PRICE RATES

Our price rates are listed, including tax and VAT, in euros, by persons or fixed, for all the proposed services.
In case of all-inclusive prices, the price is applied globally to the reserved services.
Price rates confirmed on the agreement are firm for 3 months as from the dispatch date and are susceptible to modification without advance notice in case of change of rate of taxes or revision of the prices of an external service provider.


Invoices are established in euros and must be settled in euros. Active Road do not takes care neither of expenses of exchange, nor of expenses of transfer. Only at reception of payment by credit card, check, or cash will definitely settle a booking or a reservation of service. Concerning stays reservations, companies seminaries, Active Road asks for a 30% deposit at the quote confirmation and the total amount the first day of the event. In case of late payment, Active Road has the right to charge a fee fixed at 1.5% per month from the mount left to pay. Active Road reserves the right to cancel any reservation in case of absence of payment following the schedule fixed in our particular conditions below.


In case of cancellation by Active Road, of one or all the services in a case of absolute necessity, the complete refund of the paid sums is guaranteed.
Active Road agency is matriculated in Atout France register and a member of the guaranteed funds organism APST. It guarantees that funds paid by our customer are protected as their reservation. Active Road has civil responsibility insurance and guaranteed funds fixed by public institutions. In the case your travel is not possible, due to technical issues by example, you will be totally refunded.

Attention, guaranteed funds are not applied to all services, you must consult the agency sales representative for more details.

Article 5 - COMPLAINTS

Any complaint will have to reach us by registered letter with accused-reception within 30 days after the end of the stay or the event to the head office of Active Road.


A - Groups reservation and stays
The reservation is made with our services and needs a confirmation of booking. It becomes effective upon receipt of the confirmation of booking and with a deposit of 50 % of the total amount of the stay.
For lack of returned document, the reception of the deposit implies the total support of the customer on the present general conditions.
B- Groups prices rate
Our price rates are applied to all the participants, including the guides and the drivers (no free access).
C - Conditions of part or full cancellation
Any cancellation or modification of confirmed stay or activity must be notified to us by registered letter or e-mail and will give rise to the payment of the following compensations:

• Between the date of the deposit payment and 90 days before the date planned, the
compensation equal to 20 % of the total price of the service 

• Between 89 days and 30 days: 30 % of the reserved services amount

• Between 29 days and 7 days: 50 % of the reserved services amount

• Between 6 days and the starting date planned, or if the customer does not appear:
100 % of the amount due by the customer. 

Any modification has to be the object of a written demand and an agreement given by Active Road, will be likened to a partial cancellation and will entail an expense of cancellation according to the scale above. Any service given up voluntarily by a participant is the object of no refund.

D- Reduction of participant
In case of partial cancellation at the level of 5 % of booked participant, a free of charge cancellation will be granted under the condition that the customer informed by e-mail, fax or mail, the department reservation within 30 days before the date of the beginning of stay.
E- Case of force major
In case of weather report not adapted to the outdoor practice: rain, strong wind, risks of fire, Active Road will warn the customer by e-mail or other means at his/her convenience, of the cancellation of the service and will pay off the paid deposits or fully refund. According to a preliminary agreement, especially for events organisation, a backup plan can be studied and proposed by our services.
F - Preliminary formalities and insurances.
The customer deals with any possible statement or authorization request with the bodies and/or the administrations. Active Road will not be taken in charge of the defect of these statements.
The customer owes inform Active Road about any medical contraindications in the practice of a sports activity (respiratory, cardiac problems).

All Road company is managed by the professional Third-party insurance signed with the MMA AZZURO ASSURANCES / sarl 2ABR, more of all the present services providers are also covered by a responsibility professional civilian.
Active Road can't be held for responsible of any incident happening before or after the handling of the group and its service.
In case of exposure of valuables equipments, we recommend the customer to sign, at his expenses, a property and casualty insurance and thefts.