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From May 11 to June 2, 2020, the French government is proposing a progressive deconfinement plan linked to the COVID-19 crisis. Within this framework, devices have been set up by our agency and the monitors in order to follow the health protocols provided by the sports ministries or federations concerned by our activities.

The Ministry of Sports authorizes professional athletes like all French people to "resume an activity in all accessible sports equipment, those in the open air such as closed enclosures. In addition, their activity resembles a professional activity, the threshold of 10 maximum authorized persons will not apply. Finally, they will be authorized to move more than 100 km from their home for the practice of their sporting activity. " (Extract from the GUIDE FOR SUPPORT OF HIGH-LEVEL AND PROFESSIONAL SPORTSMEN "issued by the Ministry of Sports)

In the "ACCOMPANIMENT GUIDE TO RESUMING SPORTS ACTIVITIES" each sport has a file developed in collaboration with the federations concerned to explain the protocol to be respected. Each of our partners should apply them during on-site coaching.


Some other information to know:

  • Long stops on characteristic points (summit, pass, beach) are not allowed.
  • Promote the use of personal equipment subject to validation by the supervisor (snorkel, mask, wetsuit, harness etc.) In accordance with the prescriptions of general scope, the supervisor may keep up to date a register of supervised practitioners (name, first name, date, start time, end time, contact).
  • It is the individual responsibility of each practitioner to respect the set of rules of practice described and communicated by professionals.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.