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Accueil / Gift voucher

Offer a gift voucher rich in experience and personalized in 3 clicks!

The advantages and the 3 steps to easily obtain a gift voucher!

What to offer for Christmas that he (or she) has not already had ?

What gift could please for a birthday ?

How to mark the occasion with little time and a lot of originality ?

There is no shortage of ideas here and the experience offered with Active Road will be rewarding in every way!

The 3 steps to easily obtain a gift voucher:

On the page of the desired activity and click on

Indicate your first and last name as well as that of the beneficiary (ies)

Enter the number of people and pay the basket

offrir un bon cadeau original à Marseille et en provence

The advantages of an Active Road gift voucher:

  • An activity is immaterial, which is why the beneficiary will not be able to already have this gift !
  • The experience will be new and surprising because discovery and people are at the heart of our services.
  • You offer the activity of your choice but the gift voucher will be usable on all activities on our site, for the pleasure of your loved one.
  • Being able to use the amount on other activities offers more flexibility - No need to change if the gift is not suitable.
  • The gift voucher is valid for 1 year when registering on our online schedule or on others on a date of your choice *!

In short, our "Gift Voucher" feature is a luxury within your pocket.

Our local supervisors will be happy to share their passion and their regional know-how in order to experience a unique moment :

According to the French aviator and writer who disappeared in flight July 31, 1944 off Marseille:

"It is only a real luxury, it is that of human relations" Saint Exupéry


* from the minimum number of people required to ensure departures . Our team changes the release dates according to requests throughout the year.