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Traditional activity - Petanque contest

Played with steal bowls on a sand strip, "La Pétanque" is a local game played by the inhabitant of the south of France



4 h

19h00 - 23h00

Pull or strike, it is not a question of style but it's a real strategy here !

The petanque takes place only and in team of 2 or 3 people, provided with a 3 steal bowls in each hands.
" Feet sticked " will be the translation of this game, on a sandy ground of 6 m of length, the competitors will by try to pull their balls as closely as possible to the jack (young swings wooden).

The Petanque tournament allows you to put yourself in competitive conditions while enjoying a pleasant activity and in a good mood. Participants will be able to test their skills and motivation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Event organized in the day or in the evening.

For 8* to 100 peoples

Ref : SEM006

88€ / Pers

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  • Cocktail reception (soft or alcoholic) and explanation of the game to the participants
  • Creation of the teams, launch of the game board
  • Opening of the "pétanque" grounds for the first round
The other teams will be spectator of the first games (2h)

Possible option : seated meal, evening dinatoire (barbecue, animation cocktail...)
  • Break before the final (20min)
  • Final game played with all participants as a spectator (20min)
  • Award ceremony
End of the event
  • Local food and beverage
  • The spirit of this very friendly game, easy to play
  • Discovery of beautiful places choosen by our team