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Sormiou - Calanques heritage

This hike explore cultural heritage of the National Park of calanques


1/2 day

4 h

09h30 - 13h30

Sormiou: between culture, history and landscapes

With its small beach and its turquoise water, the place is ideal for swimming and observing the fish a good part of the year. The identity of the place is also very strong with its sheds, its small fishing port and its few inhabitants with inimitable lifestyle. This family hike is punctuated with many stops to make you enjoy the rich heritage, flora and fauna of the park. Consisting of a white sand beach and surrounded by restaurants on the water's edge, Sormiou is one of the most popular coves.

Sensitize yourself to the deep roots that bind you to the Calanques. "It's a good way to remember where we're coming from in order to better understand where we're going".

To plan

Backpack, walking shoes with soles notched jacket (rain, wind) and / or sweater, picnic and snacks (dried fruit, cookies, bars), sun protection (sunglasses, hat, cream). Allow at least 1.5 liters of water. A hot drink is welcome in winter !

Ref : RD001

28€ / Pers

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This hike, aimed at discovering the Calanques Park, is about the cultural heritage of the massif. Its goal is to discover the historical and cultural heritage of Calanques.

Level : Good rhythm of walking without forgetting to observe what surrounds us !

Supervised by a mountain guide.

  • The exceptional setting of the Calanques National Park
  • Hiking in sumptuous landscapes
  • Discover the natural and also cultural heritage of the massif

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