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rock climbing guide calanques
Rock climbing course in the national park
Climbing course in national park , france
 learn to climb in the creeks, children and adults

Calanques - Climbing course

1 day and a half climbing course to become self-sufficient or progress on the most beautiful sectors of the Calanques National Park.


2 days / 1 night

You want to discover the climbing in the calanques, to be supervised by a guide and roam the most beautiful sites of the massif with comfort? This course is for you...

Helped by a calanques' child and true passionate, you will discover the most beautiful areas that offers the the calanques national park. Your guide will take care of all the logistics and will adapt to your level and your expectations.

We can provide accomodation and transport during this courses day (write us).

To carry

Sneakers, sports clothes, 1.5L of water for each day.

Ref : ESC003

starting at
180€ / Pers

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Décathlon Sormiou - Chemin du Roy d'Espagne 13009 Marseille

Décathlon Sport Shop of Bonneveine

You will need your own car for this activity. You will meet your guide at the Décathlon car park. You will then follow the guide with your own car to the activity site.

Jour 1 :

Morning: 9am-12:30pm - Getting started

Evaluation of each person's level. Formation of groups or roped party of homogeneous level. Progression techniques on rock: movements and foot placement.Review or learning of basic techniques (knots, belaying).

Afternoon: 1:30-5pm - Improvement

Learning or review of techniques specific to top-roping or lead climbing. Handling of ropes and belaying equipment: lead climbing, belaying...Theoretical learning: reading of routes and rock.




Jour 2 :

Morning: 9am-12:30pm (or afternoon 1pm-5:30pm depending on the season) - Access to a certain ease in climbing

Application and deepening of the climbing techniques transmitted the first days. In addition, time will be given to learning the manipulations specific to long route climbing (belays and abseils). For the most dedicated, this last session will allow you to reach a certain level of autonomy on the cliff.

Please note that we can make you benefit from our accommodation network and organize your entire stay on request.


  • Access to an autonomous level and improve your climbing level in 3 days.
  • Discover the diversity (rocks, sector..) of the calanques

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