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Meounes cave - Discovery

Introduction to speleology with this smal cave


1/2 day

4 h

09h00 - 13h00 / 13h30 - 17h30 / 14h00 - 18h00 / 15h30 - 20h00

The cave of Méoune is a cavity proposed in discovery speleology. Speleology for children from 6 years

It is a horizontal fossil cave that does not require any technical equipment. This cavity proposes numerous fun passages and punctual difficulties always optional.
If you are looking for more adventurous speleology, go and see the speleology of the Néoules Ragaïe.

Activity available from 6 years


To plan

Hot and light clothes (jogging or sporting tights), a pair of shoes which can get dirty or a pair of boots, Gourd of water, a tie if you wear glasses, elastic if you have long hair. Plan complete changes for the end of day

Supervision by a State Patent Monitor and lending of caving equipment included: Helmet with lighting, collective equipment, Caving protection suit, carrying bag, waterproof can, boots from 36.

Ref : SPL001

48€ / Pers

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After you met your guide, you will go to the parking of the cavity (2 km of Méounes) to equip yourselves. The approach walk to the cave is very short.
On the spot, your instructor will take quite hand, he will set up mixed games with observations of the environment.

This cave is well appreciated by young people, it's ideal for groups and families.

  • The accessibility of this underground excursion
  • The fantastic and adventure atmosphere that adults and childrens enjoy
  • Practice this activity in family
  • Games created to observe everything around yourself
  • The pedagogy and the interest of your instructor

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